Boast Worthy Web Solutions
Not Just Joomla! Anymore...

Boast Worthy Web Solutions has expanded!

While the main focus of this website had been about developing websites using the Joomla! content management system and application framework, I have decided to expand the depth of the website. As a result, all of the content of this portion of Boast Worthy Web Solutions has been moved into a subdomain: I have set up 301 Redirects to each of the articles in this section, which point to the corresponding articles in the new installation of Joomla!.

Why the change?

With the migration of content to the Joomla! subdomain, I have also added a section for the WordPress, Drupal and Movable Type blogging / content management systems. Each of the sections is hosted within its own aptly named subdomain, and each is served from the software for which it is named. I have also created a section using Perl CGI scripts and Perl Modules, and another section built using straight PHP scripting.

Each of the new sections will eventually contain several articles and posts relevant to the software that it is created with. There will most likely be several cross over articles, since Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal are all created using PHP, an article that references PHP may also be relevant to one of those applications.

Some time in the future...

I plan on creating additional sections to the website as I find the time to do so. I hope to have a section on Java, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS, and possibly more that I haven't thought of yet. This website is hosted using a shared hosting system, so all of the installed software will need to run on Linux, and be served by Apache web server software. The Java section I intend to create will need to applets as I don't have a JSP or Servlet container available with my current hosting package.

I hope to offer insight to overcoming obstacles that I encounter while using each of the earlier noted software packages and programming languages. Hopefully the content you find here will be relevant and useful to you, and I hope you continue to return to see what I've found...

What about this portion of the website?

As soon as I am finished configuring and adding some initial content to the subdomains of the website, this portion will be replaced with information from all of the other sections. I also plan on adding a comparison of the software packages used to create the sections of this website.

Please remember...

Linking to any portion of this website is not only acceptable, it is encouraged!! Thank you!

Thank you,   Charles Jason Bush